Barcelona, capital of Catalonia, is a creative, modern, cosmopolitan city with a long industrial and commercial tradition.

It is one of Mediterranean Europe's major urban, economic and business centres, actively engaged in the European community, Latin America and the Middle and Far East.
Due to its privileged location, key for communications between Spain and France- and its economic, social, tourist and cultural dynamism, its influence extends over a wide area of southern Europe. Since 2008, it has been the headquarters of the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean.
The Catalan capital has made innovation, technological and scientific development, digital and quality services basic elements of its identity, while preserving an important historical, cultural, architectural and monumental legacy.
Major events, such as the Universal Exhibition of 1888, the International Exhibition of 1929, the 1992 Olympic Games and the 2004 Forum of Cultures contributed to the development and modernisation of the city and its widespread surroundings.
Barcelona, already regarded as a global city, is associated with a powerful brand that is recognised and admired worldwide.

Where to have fun?

Fun is a sure thing for everyone. Discovering the city by day is a big adventure and living it at night is an exciting experience, thanks to the wide range of bars and venues offering electronic music, jazz, rock and other rhythms.

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Barcelona's climate is Mediterranean, with mild winters and warm summers. The city has over four kilometres of beach and is very close to the Costa Brava and the ski resorts of the Pyrenees.

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International firms, modern designer shops and classic establishments form part of Barcelona's rich shopping options. You can shop in department stores and shopping centres and discover municipal markets, antique shops and art galleries.

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